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Calendar of Events

See List of dates on the Message Board link Page

Monthly Open Shoots

39.326758,-86.356454. lower range
First Sunday every month except October starting 10AM

Traditional Black powder shoot. NMLRA Rules

Matches consist of Paper and Metal targets but is open to the range officer discretion. 


Annual Rendezvous is the Third Weekend in October each year.

All clothing, acrutiments, lodges, and tents are to be of pre 1840 standards

Matches include Rifle, Smoothbore, Pistol, Archery, Hawk and Knife, and Scheutzen. Other competitions may include Baking or Food making, Skillet toss, Egg Carry, Seneca Run, Trapshoot, Fire Starting, Trap Setting and more.

Other Information

Yearly Club meeting is in January. Generally that is with the Monthly shoot, but may also be with the Wintervous weekend which floats with the holiday weekend affecting it.

Other competitions occur though the year for club members including smoothbore shoots irregularly scheduled.